Abstract Submission: Information for Submissions

If you or a co-author who will be presenting the paper poster will require a visa to attend the conference, please start that process immediately to allow sufficient time for processing.  If you will require a letter indicating that you are participating in the conference as part of the visa application, please contact the Technical Program Chair immediately.

If your abstract is accepted, the following requirements must be met before your paper will be published in the citable Proceedings of the Conference:

  • You or a co-author must execute a valid assignment of copyright.  This process is normally completed on-line when uploading your paper.  If employer or funding source requirements will prevent use of the standard copyright form, please allow sufficient time before the paper deadline to contact the Technical Program Chair.  There are established modifications to the standard form to accommodate such cases, but execution of modified copyright requires several days at a minimum.  Copyright must be assigned before your paper can be uploaded.
  • You or a co-author must pay the paper registration fee. This process is normally completed on-line when uploading your paper or poster. All papers or posters in the regular technical program, including those by students, are required to pay a registration fee. There are additional discounts for members and student members of the sponsoring societies and for early registration. The paper/poster registration fee is waived for students accepted to the Student Poster Competition; however, they still go through the registration process when uploading their papers and posters. The paper registration includes one full registration to the conference. A single paid paper registration fee can cover up to three papers that share a common author or co-author. The waived fee for a Student Poster Competition paper cannot be applied to other papers in the program.
  • You must upload a paper or poster by the deadline or oral presentation of the work will not be scheduled in the Technical Program of the Conference.  This process is normally completed on-line.
  • You or a co-author must make an oral presentation of the paper or poster during the scheduled time in the Technical Program of the Conference.